Welcome to Blue Point Cove!

This small, sleepy, little-known resort town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is about to reinvent itself. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

The Blue Point Crab

Yep, this is the crab who gave the town its name. If you’ve never had blue point crabs steamed in beer and seasoned with Old Bay, you haven’t enjoyed one of Maryland’s finest gastronomic traditions.

The Wyndham 'Cottage'
The Wyndham Cottage

There are some wealthy, long-time residents with social standing – and secrets.

Downtown in fictional Blue Point Cove

And newcomers with plans to update the downtown area, add new businesses – and maybe even turn Blue Point Cove into an artisan community.

The Blue Point Cove Inn

There is a lovely Bed & Breakfast whose owner is hiding from her past.

WMES Radio

The indie radio station has a new owner who hires wounded warriors – and keeps his promises.

You’re Invited!

With so many interesting characters there is a lot of romance happening amid the mysteries. One visit and you’ll be hooked on Blue Point Cove.

Since the first Blue Point Cove book revolves around Dev and  Amanda getting to know each other through songs, some of my readers have requested a song list from the book. Most of these tunes are quite old and my younger readers may never have heard them before, so I’ve added You Tube links so you can hear (many of) them in their original glory. Enjoy!

View the Playlist

*Requested by Amanda  **Played by Dev

You met Jeff and Zoe in Hers By Request. Now it’s time for a book of their own. These two people are incredibly talented artists but both are driven to succeed for very different reasons. The Silvercreek Gallery may be the solution to both of their dreams but the secrets they keep while they build it may be their ultimate downfall…

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What are the chances that a woman running from a killer and an ex-soldier who couldn’t protect his men would find safety and redemption in each other’s arms?

Marjorie runs Blue Point Cove’s only bed & breakfast inn and does her best to maintain a low profile and stay off the grid. She’s changed her looks, and changed her name, and prays every day that the killer from her past believes she died in the fire he set. Unexpected events still set her heart pounding, but this time the boarder makes her heart race for a completely different reason.

Lance Fisher is looking for a job, since his military career came to an abrupt end when the bomb that killed his entire squad left him disabled and suffering from PTSD. Lucky for him, the owner of the local indie radio station is another wounded warrior and has helped quite a few ex-military men get back on their feet. Now, all Lance needs is a quiet place to stay.

Look for Theirs by Chance in December 2016.