How did it get to be Mothers Day already?! I think I may have some Christmas decorations that haven’t made it to the attic yet…

I’m thinking back to my childhood and remembering the things my mom did for us growing up. She wasn’t a great cookie-baker or story-reader — mostly because she worked outside the home to supplement my dad’s income. She’d leave directions for me to start dinner, which due to my flubs, didn’t always turn out so good. She never complained about the results though. Now that I’ve been working for 30+ years, I can better appreciate how exhausting it must have been to work full-time, maintain a home and raise two children.

Her name was Marian and she didn’t even get to finish high school before she had to begin working to support her mom and three sisters. My maternal granddad wasn’t much of a worker. Anyway, my mom worked until I was in college when my father had climbed the corporate ladder high enough to make a good salary. Mom not only retired but dad gave her the greatest Mothers Day present ever – a mink coat! Back then that was an amazing gift and she wore it proudly whenever she could – outside temperature was not always considered.

She passed away almost twenty years ago and i regret not telling her often enough how much I appreciated her sacrifices for us. If your mother is still with you, take some time now and then – not just today- to tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom! I hope you’re wearing that mink coat in heaven today!